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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Closing up shop (here anyway)

Man, It's been a year since I posted anything here. I've had some new videos go up since I posted here last, with more on the way. I've decided to close up this blog and mainly focus on my Youtube page. If you want to keep up on what I release you can go to my Youtube


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What else can I say. It's been fun!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Video: Noble Team Unlimited

I thought of this video while listening to the Justice League Unlimited intro theme. Six founding members of the justice league, six members of noble team, it just fit! I got some good practice in After Effects with this project, and hope you all enjoy it!


Friday, September 30, 2011

VIDEO: Halo Kart 64

This is the next installment of my Nintendo/Halo Crossover series. This time we take a look at how the "Race" gametype looks with a little mario flair.

YouTube: Halo Kart 64

You can download the map used in this video here:
Banshee Boardwalk


Monday, August 1, 2011

VOTE: HaloFest Machinima Contest

The past week I have been working on a video. I entered it at a machinima contest over at Halo Waypoint. My vid is now up and ready for voting. Do me a solid and vote will ya? Tell your friends and your family! )

Facebook required:
Vote Here!

I havent heard on how non-facebook people view and vote, but hopefully that will change. I'll update this post when more details surface.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Video: Catch Me If You Can

A few weeks back, i journeyed into Team Snipers with a full party of eight. This is a little montage of attempts at assassinating each other, more specifically me trying to assassinate Avateur, and his ability to evade me (or my ability to fail).

Catch Me If You Can
YouTube: Link


Saturday, May 14, 2011

VIdeo: HaloCraft

I had this idea over spring break, while I was watching This. I mainly did this for some practice with After Effects and Premiere, but also for fun! :)

YouTube: Link


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Video: Halo Showcase

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Halo, I put together a video showcasing one of the greatest game franchises in history.

Special thanks to HBO for the awesome cutscene library that provided all the cutscenes. And of course Bungie for the games!

Halo Showcase
YouTube: Link